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Special Offers


Period : 3/31/2020

For : All customers


Flash Sale Tue, Thu and Fri only till 3/31/2020

Lash 100 $80  → $45

* Not included tax and tip


We hired a new therapist and offer you flash sale for all customers. New therapist will be assiged and this offer is on Tue, Thu and Fri only! You can chose your favorite length and curl. Dont miss it!



Period : No limited

For : First visited customer


Lash Special

Lash Full $100  → $75/1st time

* Not included tax and tip


We offer you special price for first visited customer. Try our technique and speed of eyelash extensions. You can chose your favorite length and curl. 



Period : No limited

For : All customers

Lash Monthly Pass

Eye Lash Extentions Monthly Pass

3D Lash Volume $350/m

Regular Lash Full $160/m

* Not included tax and tip


Unlimited usage for Eyelash extensions! service during the month purchased. 

ラッシュ 1か月 通い放題・つけ放題パスポート!3Dとレギュラータイプの2種類。有効期間 1か月、何回でもご来店可能。月3回以上ご来店される方は以下の通り、お得です!

Ex) If you visit at salon three times,

1) 3D Lash Volume 600:Saving Over $202
2) Regular Lash Full: Saving Over $80


Period : No limited

For : All customers


Refer A Friend Lash Campaign

​From Regular Price 30% OFF

*From All Lash Regular Menu

Get 30% off from eyelash extensions regular price except nail and massage menu when your friend makes a new reservation! The friend can get lash full Special $60 (Not included tax and tip).  



Irregular Recurring Event

For : All customers

Crystal Bowl Salon AKUA

Crystal Bowl Sound Healing

A Session $30

* included tax and tip

Sound Healing is a form of Vibrational Medicine and is based on the scientific principles. The sound penetrates into our very cells and re-balances them through oscillation and resonance. As a result, studies have shown that sound has a direct impact on the mental processes, muscles, nervous system, (heartbeat, pulse) digestive system and circulatory system. Alignment with the tones of the Crystal Bowls is one of the most dynamic forms of sound healing found today.​

クリスタルボウルによるサウンドヒーリングセッション! 身体だけでなく、脳に響き渡る音のマッサージ。エネルギーバランスを整え、心のデトックスをしてみませんか?クリスタルボウルが奏でる音色を横になって聞いて頂くサウンドヒーリングセッション。音でマッサージされた血液やリンパ、細胞が活性化され老廃物をデトックス。脳より神経を通じて全身リラックスする信号が送られて、筋肉がゆるみ精神的ストレスや肉体的疲労から解放されると言われています


開催日時::Irregular Recurring Event (不定期)

場所:Salon Akua

概略:Session will be about 40 minutes, No need to bring your own mat
演奏は約40分間 マットをご用意しています。​


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